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How This One Thing is Diminishing your Confidence

Hey Gorgeous Souls! Let’s Chat About Something Super Important – Over-Apologizing!

Do you ever find yourself blurting out a ‘sorry’ when, in reality, there’s nothing to apologize for? Picture this: You’re strolling down the street, daydreaming about your delicious upcoming dinner plans, and oops – someone steps on your toes. What’s your first reaction? If you’re anything like many of us, it’s to say, ‘Sorry!’

But here’s a little twist: sometimes, that ‘sorry’ isn’t just about being polite. It’s a tiny, seemingly innocent habit that might be holding you back in ways you didn’t even realize.

So, let’s dive into the whimsical yet somewhat perplexing world of over-apologizing. You know, where ‘sorry’ gets tossed around like glitter at a New Year’s Eve party. Apologies are great and all when they’re needed – they’re like the cozy band-aids that help heal our little life blunders. But, what about when ‘sorry’ becomes your autopilot response, even when it’s totally not your fault? Like when you’re just speaking your mind or – dare I say – simply taking up space in this world?

That’s when this simple word starts doing some complex stuff to your confidence and relationships. But don’t you worry, my dear. We’re not just here to point out the issue; we’re here with some sparkly solutions, too!

Why are we apology junkies?
Ever wonder why we sometimes over-apologize? It’s kind of like our brain’s default setting for being super courteous, but it’s also tangled up in our self-worth and need to belong. It’s like we’re throwing out apologies as a secret handshake for acceptance, or as a shield to dodge potential conflicts or criticism. But, when ‘sorry’ becomes more of a reflex than a genuine response, it’s like we’re sending this little signal to our souls that our own space and opinions are second-rate. And that, my lovelies, is where our confidence starts doing a disappearing act.

The society script & the lady code
Now, let’s chat about society’s script, especially the one written for us fabulous women. It’s like we’ve been handed this script that says, ‘Apologize first, ask questions later.’ This behavior becomes our norm, and before we know it, we’re downplaying our own power and chipping away at our confidence. It’s time we toss out that old script and write a new one – one where we stand tall, take up space, and shine bright like the stars we are.

Politeness vs. confidence: the balancing act
Alright, navigating between being polite and staying confident can feel like walking a tightrope while juggling flaming torches, right? We all want to be kind and considerate, but not at the cost of our own confidence. It’s all about striking that perfect balance, where we can be our sweet, charming selves without dimming our own sparkle.

The ‘Sorry’ effect on how we see ourselves
You know, every time we apologize when we really don’t need to, it’s like we’re putting a tiny dent in our self-esteem. Imagine a beautiful vase – each unnecessary ‘sorry’ is like a little chip in that vase. Before we know it, our self-image starts looking more like a patchwork quilt than the masterpiece it truly is. We start believing we’re always in the wrong, and that’s a party no one wants an invite to.

The vicious circle of ‘Sorry’
This constant apologizing thing can trap us in a not-so-fun merry-go-round of self-doubt. Every time we say ‘sorry’ for no real reason, we’re basically telling ourselves, ‘Hey, you messed up again.’ And that, my friends, sets off this domino effect where low self-esteem leads to more ‘sorries,’ which then pulls our self-esteem down even further. It’s like being stuck in a loop of your own making. And trust me, it’s time to hit the stop button.

Sorry and being unapologetically you
So, what’s the big deal about saying sorry and being our true, authentic selves?
Picture this: your authentic self is like a dazzling diamond, and every time you say ‘Sorry’ without needing to, it’s like throwing a little dust on that diamond. Soon, your sparkle gets a bit lost under all that dust. It’s time we dust off those apologies and let our true selves shine bright and beautiful.

Coming up in the next blog: The relationship ripples of over-apologizing.
Stay tuned!

xo Carol

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